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Richard B.

"Your staff are friendly patients usually dread going to a dental office.! You make it pleasant and cheerful."

Laura P.

"Every member of Dr. Webb's staff was exceptionally friendly,courteous, and professional which really put me at ease. I highly praise and recommend Dr. Webb and his team."

Judith B.

"I appreciate that Sophia and Dr. Webb really listen to me when I try to explain what's going on with my teeth. I know they have my best interest at heart, and they want to solve the problem."

Terrence B.

"I enjoy my visits with my dentist. It has always been a pleasant experience."

Gene L

Dr. Webb is very professional, caring, and knowledgeable. His staff is friendly & professional. We've been going here for 18yrs. He's great!

Loretta R.

I have been going to this practice for over 20 years. Dr. Webb is superb, and his expertise immediately puts you at ease. He is calm and explains all procedures clearly and always has the best interest of the patient. Due to the precarious positioning of one particular tooth ( precarious because I have all 4 wisdom teeth) that needed a crown, he felt it would be better to send me to an Oral Surgeon, which yielded a very positive outcome. I appreciated that the best way to take care of my situation was his priority! Another very positive aspect of his practice is his staff!! From the very helpful, (they remember you and your story,) and extremely helpful, (well versed in all insurance matters,) efficient and flexible , (working around your schedule to set up or change appointments) office staff to the very capable and pleasant dental hygienists and assistants, Sunrise is the best! I have never had a bad experience with the dental work I have received or in dealing with anyone in the office!! I highly recommend Sunrise to anyone in need of a dental practice that truly takes great care of you!

Casey S.

Just had a filling done by Dr. Webb and was so nervous leading up to my appointment because of past bad experiences. The staff was so helpful, and Dr. Webb had me out of the office in under 20 minutes. It was the most painless dental procedure I’ve ever had!

Denise M

First time there today and everyone is very friendly! The cleaning took a little longer than any other dentist I have been to but my teeth felt so much cleaner than the other times. I don't know why some of these reviews say Dr.webb was rude. He actually pointed out a few things and gave me some great advice. definitely recommend!

Maria DJ P.

In December 2018, my husband was scheduled to have his teeth cleaned and I was having pain in my back molar. I called the office to see if I could schedule an appointment right away. The office staff kindly scheduled me in the same day with my husband’s dental cleaning. During my dental appointment I found out, that I needed a root canal on that left back molar and rescheduled for next month. I had my first root canal done in Napa that had left me with a very bad impression. I was so worried and dreading about this procedure that I asked for nitrous oxide to calm my nerves. So, I started the New Year 2019 getting this root canal done. The dental assistant Danielle was very pleasant and professional. She instructed me on how the procedure was going to be done. I explained to her that last time I had nitrous oxide it was too much for me and if she could lower the amount given. Danielle informed me that I was given a low amount last time and that nitrous oxide would most likely not be necessary. But, assured me that if I really wanted to have nitrous oxide it would be available. So, I decided to do without it and keep it on standby. I also made sure the Danielle was aware of my excess saliva problem. Dr. Webb came in with a nice smile and warm greeting. He assured me that nitrous oxide would not be needed. He started right away to work on my back molar gently performing the root canal. I was praying under my breath all the way. Danielle was vigilant with the suction saliva ejector that gave me relief. On one occasion, Danielle was busy getting dental tools that I raised my hand and Dr. Webb was observant and helped with the suction saliva ejector for my leaky mouth. He also assisted with the x-rays. His work was quick and very professional. I had a sigh of relief when the root canal was all over and done. I have known Dr. Webb for over 15 years. My whole family has him as their dentist. I give Dr. Webb and his staff a five star, the highest recommendation for anyone needing to find a truly gifted professional dentist and staff. I would not change this dentist for any other dentist in town.

Stacey F.

Let me start off by saying, I have HATED the dentist and have a fear of trying new places because of my sensitivities. Unfortunately, moving to a new place means finding a new dentist and I wasn't happy. On a whim, I found Dr. Webb because he was covered under my insurance so I reluctantly scheduled my appointment. Since the front office staff knew how nervous I was, they happily said, "Let's just get you in today! That way you don't have to stress about it forever..." And I was in. I saw Heather, who is BY FAR the best dental hygienist I have ever seen. Not only is she hilarious, she listens to you and does whatever she can to make you more comfortable. She did things my previous office had never done, like measuring my gum pockets & using fancy xray machinery! I'm always most nervous when the dentist comes in because, I make the joke, that they're used to working on patients when they're numb. I let Dr. Webb know right off the bat how nervous I was, which I'm sure he hears all the time. He did a quick look, made some recommendations and noticed things my previous dentist didn't mention, like a nickel allergy. We also made small talk after about his past training, etc. He's very nice & knowledgeable in his field. I've also had some fillings done by him, he was very careful and gave me more numbing medicine as soon as I asked. This office stays on top of the latest technology and are able to give great recommendations! Other things I'd like to mention, the front office is very organized & clean, they provide you with upfront pricing on any work needing done, quickly schedule appointments and are beyond nice! My daughter was also seen here, and while she didn't do the greatest, they were great with her and gave her a prize after. Thanks, Dr. Webb, Heather & Staff!

Virginia V.

Sunrise Dental is always awesome. I've always hated going to the dentist but I love coming to this dental office. I know I'll be taken care of, I know his staff is knowledgeable, I know Dr. Webb will be honest and to the point.....no sugar coating over there, everything is explained really well! Love the staff!!

Laurie S.

I am afraid of dentists and anyone associated with them. Yesterday I had developed a headache and was sick to my stomach from nervousness when I arrived for my cleaning. They were all gentle and caring. I felt no pain during the exam. I pay for the nitrous (sp) gas, but it is well worth it. I highly recommend this office to everyone. I just returned from another visit to this dentist office for my cleaning. They did a great job dealing with my nervousness and I had no pain. I left the office knowing exactly what treatments they recommend and the expected cost, but felt no pressure to get it scheduled right away.

Sarah F.

Everyone here is caring and professional. I actually look forward to dental appointments! Thank you Heather for being an awesome and gentle Hygienist and thank you Dr Webb for a great practice. When any of my friends are looking for a dentist, I always recommend your office.

Mike M.

The staff here are kind and patient. Dr. Webb is no nonsense professional. He determines what you need, answers every question you have, then gets it done and over with and since going to the dentist is a beyond rational fear for me, I appreciate that pace. He's got a busy shop so the only negative thing I would say is that I don't get to chat with him as much as I would like to. Some folks might interpret that as being rude, but I am practical in that regard so I get it. He has a job to do and 6 more lined up behind me - and every single one is just as important as I am. Highly recommended.

Kate B.

This Dental Team is the BEST in Fairfield!! They treat me as a family member. Always kind and oh so gentle! I can not recommend this office strong enough! Need a fabulous dentist - Call Dr Webb and his team!

Hey B.

Im posting this because, I was curious what others thought of Dr. Webb, and I just fininished reading a post that portrayed him in a bad light. So heres my 2cents worth. I have never met Dr Webb until last week. After letting weeks of pain, pry me from my comfort zone, I force myself into THE SCARY DENTISTS OFFICE, so of couse I arrived already annoyed. I walked in and noticed a full waiting room. I was very kindly greeted, and quickly escorted to a dental chair, Dr Webb arrived rite in behind the DA. So far so good rite? Dr. Webb greets me and starts looking over my exrays, he never smiles, he dosnt crack stupid jokes, hes just rite down to buisness. So the whole time hes talking, honestly, Im tryen to size him up. He tells me my tooth has and absess. And recommends how to fix the problem. Again no smiles, no giggles. The whole time hes talking, Im thinking, so this is what they call, 'A STRAIGHT SHOOTER' eh. Now I dont know about you, but my time is valuable, Im not paying to be entertained, nor delayed at the dentist office....no offence to all you dentists out there, I want the problem fixed, and let me be on my way. Today was visit number two. Dr. Webb comes in and after asking me how I was feeling, sets off straight away to work. During a break, I decided to ask him something about HIMSELF. Next thing I know, he was off and running with the conversation. Found out how smart and dedicated he is to his craft, as well as all of his intrests. He dosnt ramble. He dosnt make small talk. But if you have nothen better to do while sitten there, ask him about himself, hes a very interesting guy. I didnt find him rude, but he is direct. Hes not a comedian. Hes professional. He didnt candy coat my dental problem, (shameless pun) he just fixed the problem. Again this is what I want in a dentist. His office is clean, his DAs all very sweet, kind, respectful. I would highly recommend his office and his care. If your looking for someone to entertain you, tell you what ONLY what you want to hear, you may just want to go somewhere else. But if you want someone committed to your care and his talent, whos knowledgeable, respectful, and gets to his work, then ya, go here!... P.S. NO grammar nazi hate, I already know my spelling and grammar are horrid.

Cheryl B.

The staff is wonderful, very friendly and caring. They take the time to explain what is the best treatment. I was even very impressed that when I had an evening appointment, Dr. Webb stood by the door to make sure I got to my car OK since it was getting dark.

Jennifer P.

All who works here are so nice and professional. They truly care about you! I am very impressed with the cleanliness. Best Dental office and Dentist around!

Becky A.

Dr. Webb and his employees are absolutely the best!! They are very polite and flexible. Dr Webb is fast and efficient!!! They all make sure you are very comfortable and your experience is pain free!!

Amy G.

For our family of five (youngest is five years old), this is a great office! The staff is friendly and always accommodating. I highly recommend Dr. Webb's office.

Jacqueline M.

My husband and I have been patients for over five years and love, love, love the professional and courteous service! The ambience is comforting and the office has the latest technology.

Scott P.

Very professional services, broke a tooth on a Sunday, they got me in Monday to fix me up. Had to get a crown, broke the tooth on 12/17 got the crown installed on 12/27. If that isn't quick professional service, I don't know what your looking for.

Richard Watts

Very friendly people and fast excellent work. This guy is the best I've ever been to 10+ yrs with him. ( age 61 )


Dr Jeff, he pretty cool. He listens, understanding and cares

Rachel B.

Dr. Webb and his entire staff are outstanding! I highly recommend them to my family and friends!

G S.

Great dentist and office staff!

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