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It is not always possible to predict dental problems, or wait until your next appointment for treatment. At Sunrise Dental and Implant Center, we value the importance of being available to our patients in the hour they need us most. We proudly offer emergency dental care to families in the greater Fairfield area. In the comfort of our modern office, we can treat all types of dental emergencies before they become major threats to your oral health and quality of life.

Whether it is broken crown or a severe toothache, our dental team is equipped to alleviate your concerns in the timely manner you deserve. We reserve time in our daily schedules to handle dental emergencies.

How Common is a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies aren’t just reserved for your child on the baseball field or your young toddler learning to walk. In fact, urgent dental issues are quite common in adults. The ADA (American Dental Association) reports that dental emergencies are more common among adults aged 20-39 than among older adults. A study published in the Journal of Endodontics in 2014 found that the most common dental emergencies were acute pulpal (toothache) pain, followed by soft tissue injuries (such as cuts or lacerations inside the mouth), and then broken teeth. The same study found that dental emergencies were more common on weekends and during evening hours, when dental offices may be closed.

What to Look For in an Emergency Dentist

At Sunrise Dental Implant Center, we know what patients need in emergency dental care. Our dentists are uniquely trained in multiple facets of dentistry, including general, restorative and cosmetic services. We utilize the most advanced technologies and techniques in modern dentistry to ensure your treatments are safe, minimally-invasive and faster. Our office also offers implant dentistry for more severe dental emergencies that cause tooth loss. Such diverse qualifications and advanced care means we can handle all types of dental emergencies under one roof, including those that impact your smile comfort as well as those that impact your smile appearance.

Types of Dental Emergencies We Treat

Call Sunrise Dental Implant Center today for superior, patient-centered care in urgent dental care. In one convenient location, we can handle the following:

  • Toothache
  • Dislodged Tooth
  • Tooth Breakage or Chipping
  • Filling or Crown Loss
  • Gum or Teeth Bleeding
  • Abscess

Dental emergencies often bring a heightened sense of anxiety and fear. Whether you’re worried about the future of your child’s smile or you’re suffering from extreme tooth pain, our dental team can put you at ease. Not only do we offer comfort amenities at our Fairfield office, but we also provide sedation dentistry for emergency dental care patients.

Need an emergency dentist in Fairfield who can likely see you today? Call Sunrise Dental Center. We accept new patients and offer flexible financing plans.

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