Can a Knocked-Out Tooth Be Saved?

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It’s a scenario that can send shivers down anyone’s spine: an accidental elbow during a basketball game, a misstep on a staircase, or a child’s tumble during play, and suddenly there’s a tooth knocked out. While this can undoubtedly be alarming, there’s hope. With the right immediate action and expert care, it is possible to save a knocked-out tooth. Sunrise Dental & Implant Center sheds light on this dental emergency and the steps you can take.

1. Time is of the Essence

If you or someone around you has a knocked-out tooth, act quickly. The first 30 minutes to an hour after the tooth has been knocked out are crucial for its survival.

2. Handle with Care

When you pick up the knocked-out tooth, always hold it by the crown (the part you chew with) and never by the root. Touching the root can damage cells essential for bone reattachment.

3. Clean Gently

If the tooth is dirty, gently rinse it with milk. Avoid using tap water as its chemical composition might damage the root. Do not scrub or remove any tissue fragments attached to the tooth.

4. Try Reinsertion

If possible, try to gently place the tooth back in its socket, ensuring it’s facing the right way. Hold it in place by gently biting down on a soft cloth or gauze. If reinsertion isn’t possible, it’s essential to keep the tooth moist.

5. Store the Tooth

If you can’t reinsert the tooth, place it in a container of milk. If milk isn’t available, use a tooth preservation product or even hold the tooth inside your mouth, between your cheek and gums. Avoid storing it in tap water.

6. Visit the Dentist Immediately

Head straight to Sunrise Dental & Implant Center or your nearest dental emergency room. Bringing the knocked-out tooth and receiving professional care as soon as possible can significantly increase the chances of saving the tooth.

7. What to Expect at the Dental Office

At the dental office, the tooth will be assessed, cleaned, and then reinserted into its socket. The dentist may then splint the knocked-out tooth to the neighboring teeth using a soft wire or composite material. This stabilizes the tooth, allowing it to heal and reattach to the jawbone.

Get Trusted Emergency Dental Care in Fairfield

A knocked-out tooth can indeed be a source of panic, but with quick action and expert dental care, it can often be saved and reinserted. Prevention, of course, remains the best approach—using mouthguards during sports or avoiding hard foods can reduce the risk. However, if you find yourself or a loved one in this situation, remember that Sunrise Dental & Implant Center is here to help, offering the best possible care in dental emergencies.

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